Born: Nov 4/86          Died: June 12/12

My beautiful son, Joshua Alvin Patey was taken from me at our local hospital by incompetence.

This involves three doctors and one nurse.

I am certain they have many good doctors and nurses.

He was an accomplished writer, great cook, could imitate anybody, very compassionate about every living thing, and very passionate about sports.  He made everyone laugh, always the life of the party.

He touched so many people in his short life!


   This is my belief.  Judge for yourself.    

The following is a list of things that I had no idea of until after Josh died and I received his hospital records.  It was supposed to be all of them although there seems one very important one is missing, even though it was only 6 days after he died.

1. On June 6/12 at 10:45 am the internest discontinued the antidote because the blood work from earlier (about 8:00 am) showed his ammonia and valproic acid levels to be down to almost normal.  At 2:20 pm the psychiatrist tried to interview Josh and could not get any sense out of him.  At 3:15 pm just 35 minutes later the internest "medically cleared" Josh.  At 3:35 pm ten minutes later he was given the blood work results taken at 1:00 pm.  This showed his levels rising significantly again.  When he was shown this he said, "doesn't matter, patient is still medically clear." 
However,they did not contact Poison Control for treatment recommendations.
Despite his rising levels, the Dr. still medically cleared Josh. This means he was left with no medical treatment for the high valproic acid and ammonia levels in his system.  Then Josh was accepted to the Mental Health Unit by the same psychiatrist who could not get any sense out of him one hour before.  
At 6:00 pm Poison Control contacted the hospital to inquire as to what was going on with Josh. When they found out that his levels had started rising earlier in the day, they were very concerned for his well being. When the doctor that previously cleared Josh was contacted by hospital staff about this, he clearly stated that he “stuck by his decision, patient is medically clear” even though it was quite evident that my son was deteriorating quickly.
He let him go from 10:30 am, when they discontinued the antedote, until after 8:00 pm when he became delirious.  Also Poison Control told them not to give Josh "Haldol" but he was prescribed  it twice that day by two different doctors (psychiatrist and internest).  I believe this may have contributed to his deteriorating condition as it can cause "Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome" as well as other serious conditions.  The hospital says, Yes, Josh was prescribed this twice but since there is conveniently no Pharmacy record for this they maintain that he never received this.  However on the bottom of the doctors orders it shows that it was faxed to the pharmacy. Given the events that led up to him being restrained in ICU, I am certain that he received this and they pulled the record to cover this up. 

2. Violated the “Consent to treatment Act”.
On June 6/12 Josh was unable to speak for himself from 8:00 pm on, and they never called me until after midnight. When someone can not speak for themselves, they are supposed to contact the next of kin to get signed authorization to treat the patient. They treated him without written or verbal authorization from me (next of kin). I was never consulted during the whole time he was in the ICU unable to speak for himself.  Why did it take over 4 hours to contact me?

3. Violation of the “Minimal Restraints Act.”
Only the doctor in charge can order physical restraints and they are supposed to closely monitor this and keep records. The doctor in charge now claims she does not remember him being in restraints even though you can clearly see them in the picture above and I have signed  statements from witnesses regarding this. She also did not get my permission for this. Josh was physically restrained the whole time he was chemically restrained for over 4 days. This put him at great risk for the DVT he developed.  I am now aware that the reason for keeping him physically and chemically restrained for over 4 days is because according to the doctor every time they tried to wean him and bring him around he got agitated.  Anyone waking up in this situation would naturally be a little confused and agitated if they were restrained, especially if they had no idea how they got there.  I told the nurse I would like to be present for this because I know I could have helped to calm him, but this was totally ignored.  Instead they kept him immobilized for over 4 days increasing his risk for blood clot.  The College and the doctor claimed there was no time to contact me and since it was an emergency situation, they had every right to physically restrain him.  He was not restrained until around midnight, so why could they not have contacted me 4 hours earlier when he started deteriorating?

4. He had all the symptoms of the DVT (blood clot) he developed which led to Pulmonary Embolism and caused Cardiac arrest which killed him.
                          Pink sputum,sweating constantly,  fever, high heart rate, trouble getting his breathing regulated.
The doctor claims she was treating him for aspirated pneumonia even though an Xray revealed he did not have this. She never even looked at any other reason for his symptoms. I thought when one thing is ruled out you naturally would look at another cause for the symptoms. Why did she not do this?  I believe he had developed the DVT on the evening of June 6/12 when he ended up in ICU since he had the symptoms from that time on until he died (over 4 days).  If this is the case it is likely that only giving him heparin would not help.  It is a preventative measure and does little good after the DVT has developed.  This doctor is supposedly certified in internal medicaine so how could she miss this as it is quite common given the circumstances of immobility and Josh being at high risk.  Since his heart rate was over 130 bpm for over 4 days I wonder why a cardioligist was never consulted. 

5. When I found my son in distress on June 12 at 3:40pm, I pushed the call button and got no response from anyone. About 5 minutes later I pushed it again, and about 1 ½ minutes later the nurse finally arrived. The nurse now claims she answered both calls.  Why would I push it twice if she came after the first one?  When my son started turning colour she left the room instead of pushing the code blue as is protocol. It was not until after she returned and Josh passed out that she finally pushed the code. I witnessed this. This nurse wasted over 10 minutes from start to finish of my son’s last minutes of life and we will never know if the call had been answered promptly the first time and the code had been pushed sooner if this would have saved him. By the time the team arrived I know in my heart he was already gone as I seen his eyes roll back and heard him defecate just before the code was pushed.   Interstingly enough, this particular nurse is no longer with the hospital.  I wonder why?

6. The coroner states the cause of death as “suicide”. Although he took an overdose this is not what he died from. He was hospitalized for almost 8 days and the medications he ingested were long gone out of his system. He died due to Deep Vein Thrombosis (pulmonary embolism) which was most certainly caused by the events of the evening June 6 and then being restrained in ICU for over four days.

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